Introduction to the Business Opportunity at FantaZ with promotional video to watch

Prizes will will be awarded for multiple spots
Life experience or autographed memorabilia can be won
Public or Private league option
Starting as low as $10 per team
Draft a new team each week of the season

FANTAZ has been under development for five years by the best in the industry and millions have been spent on research and development.
This ultimate gaming platform includes many games, fantasy sports and live tournaments. Many celebrities will also be involved in various tournaments, events and charities.
I truly believe that this is a huge opportunity, I will even go as far as saying that the concept is revolutionary and is launching just at the start of a social media revolution. I am extremely confident about this new live gaming MLM platform and therefore have registered as an expert ZBO and am in the process of building my downline. Please don't be left behind as you could be set for life if you make a move right now.
The more players you get in your downline over 7 levels, the more commission you will earn.
Millions play online games every day, imagine earning an income from those people, this is a truly unique business opportunity.
You can sign up for free, and it secures your position when FantaZ spreads virally via social media marketing. It is free to become a business owner and the earlier you sign up, the more people you are likely to get in your downline.
Make sure you get in early, share links to your site with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks and start building your downline. Remember, anyone who arrives at Fantaz from your link is accredited to you, it's as easy as that.

Straight to the Fantaz sign up page (it's free)


At Fantaz Game Developers creative talent and hard work can be extremely well rewarded. Your game could host a 10 player tournament every hour which could generate over $1000 a day for you

What could I expect to earn if I promoted Fantaz to friends?

I have done a simple conservative calculation to explain the huge potential of getting in early as a Z business owner with FantaZ.

Commission calc
Fantaz horse racing

Fantaz is creating a one stop Horse Racing Portal which will include:

Live Pari-Mutual Horse Racing with Live Streaming Video + Video Replays + One Stop shop for complete handicapping info
Handicapping Tournaments with Public Tournaments + Private Tournaments + Celebrity Events + Daily and Special Tournaments

My other web sites

Fantaz has plenty of multiplayer games to play for cash or for free with 3D games coming soon

Choose to play for free or enter a tournament to play for money. Challenge your friends to a game, even play a celebrity. Your winnings are placed in your Z wallet and can be transferred to your bank at any time.
Get on the leaderboard with a multitude of games and you can even practice for free before taking the leap to play for a small stake.
Fantaz is where skill pays!

Fantaz celebrities

Celebrities and Athletes have the ability to use the Fantaz platform to monetize their brand

The FantaZ celebrity network produces amazing results where celebrities can use their social networks to promote their branded games and create residual income for themselves, their foundations, and their sponsors!

How cool would it be to play games online for fun and cash prizes whilst building yourself a residual income that will pay you for years to come?
To be honest this is something that you could quite comfortably run on the side of your existing business activities.
Fantaz is free to join as a player and is also free if you want to be a business owner. You can also become a higher level business owner for a monthly fee which means you will earn shares of bonus pools and other extra benefits.
As far as starting your own business, this is a great idea so it will probably attract a lot of interested gamers and anyone who can instantly see the potential to make money. If you are thinking about giving it a try then my advice is not to waste any time and sign up now.
Game developers are highly incentivised so the site will be continually updated with fresh new games and sports.

I have no doubt that this will explode into a worldwide gaming phenomenon.

Fantaz online gaming and fantasy sports - just do it!

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